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Fine Art Projects

           The impact of photography is a force powerful enough to spark a relationship between viewer and image, even if for only a few moments. My photography should take the viewer out of the present and into a realm of thought-provoking possibility. 

           Though my work is based within portraiture, every one of my photographs contains a piece of myself. My art has always been inspired by the motivation to address social issues within society. It strives to break down antiquated ideals on beauty, identity, sexuality, and gender roles. Making work that strives to be authentic and genuine is my addiction, however, I’m intrigued by the struggle between reality and fantasy that exists in photography. I’m drawn to strange and unexpected ideas for the benefit of creating art that makes my audience ponder. I often entangle child activities into my images of adults to create a juxtaposition between childhood and adulthood in reference to current societal issues. 

         My photography works to pull back the blinds of hidden aspects of the ways in which societal thinking operates. 

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