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Hello, friend! I’m Emily and I’m a New Jersey-based photographer with a huge passion for capturing genuine, human emotion. I’ve spent the past decade with a camera in my hands and even longer chasing after capturing human connections and working towards a world of body positivity. Because of this, I’ve made it my personal goal to build the confidence of everyone I work with to ensure each of my clients feel comfortable to be their most authentic selves.

My Story

        My introduction to photography started at an arts summer camp when I was in the 7th grade where I absolutely fell in love with the medium. I spent the entire summer photographing everyone and everything and I haven't put my camera down since.

        I am a graduate of Moore College of Art and Design studying Photography and Digital Arts. While there, I spent my time challenging societal standards and pushing the boundaries of beauty through my photography. During my studies, I started a series titled As We Are where I photographed women and nonbinary individuals in ways that represent their beauty and individualism. I'm incredibly inspired by the work of female artists who are expanding the limits of feminism. It's my personal goal to continue towards that mission and create new interpretations of beauty and desire.



I'm always eager to jump into weird and strange projects for the benefit of capturing that perfect shot, even if it means the process is a little messy. As I always say, if it doesn't feel a little strange, we're doing something wrong. So be prepared to get weird, have fun, and make some great memories!

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