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Meet Your Photographer

Emily Morton

Hi there! I’m Emily! I was born and raised in South Jersey, which is where I’m currently based but I serve clients all over the US as well as internationally.

My style is warm, romantic, and genuine. I like to focus on forming true relationships with my clients so they feel comfortable to let their personalities shine through. I like to consider my work to be a documentation of true candid moments as they unfold naturally, highlighting the uniqueness of each of my clients' love for each other.

For me, it’s more than just a photoshoot, it’s about creating an incredible experience. My aim isn’t just to take a pretty picture, but to capture those authentic, real moments that are specifically personal to your relationship.

If this sounds like the vibe you’re looking for, I’d love to chat!

Some non-photorelated facts about me:

1. I love to read. Usually, my favorites are murder mysteries but I’m currently working on some fantasy smut. My current read is the ACOTAR series.

2. I am a plant mama to 18 plants. My favorites are my monstera, calathea, and alocasia. (But don’t tell the others)

3. I like to say that I love coffee but I really just want to look cool while basically drinking sugar and milk. I do love my dirty chai lattes though.

4. I enjoy crocheting but it's taken me over two years to finish my first project which is a black and yellow checkered cardigan, but I’m determined to finish one day.

5. If I could have another profession that’s not photography, I’d be a florist (I loveee making flower arrangements and bouquets) or the owner of a coffee shop that plays indie music and also sells plants and books and has cozy couches where you can curl up and read if you want to. Maybe I just want a place like that to already exist so I can go there and curl up and read amongst plants and books and good music.

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