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Style Guide

The big question of “what should I wear” is a frequent inquiry before my client's sessions! So I decided to prepare a photo session style guide with a few tips on what colors, patterns, and materials photograph well. First and foremost – you should wear what YOU feel comfortable and beautiful in. I can definitely help with some tips on what PHOTOGRAPHS well – but keep in mind, the goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable during your session!

Wardrobe Tips

1. Choose Neutral Colors

I love neutrals because they are classic and timeless, which is probably what you want out of your photos. So keep it simple and effortless. 


Brightly colored clothing can distract from the face, emotions, and interactions within the photo. Most bright and bold colors tend to interact poorly with skin tones and often reflect the color onto your skin tone. If you really want to incorportate color, I'd recommend keeping it in the pastel family. Pale blues, yellows, blush. 

Also, light clothing can be very airy and fresh. It can bring a beautifully simple touch. Think crisp white shirts, breezy white dresses, and beige linen pants.

2. Avoid Prints and Patterns

I can’t stress this enough! Crazy patterns like polka dot, paisley, herringbone, leopard, or tiger can be a huge distraction and create weird distortions in digital portraits. You can sometimes get away with a small, floral print if it’s on a dress, but if you're not sure and want a second opinion, I'm just a message away. Patterns can be best incorporated through your props to go along with your wardrobe.

3. Texture

Texture is amazing! Lace, linen, knots, and airy materials. Adding texture to your wardrobe can really make the image pop. Think about this when you plan your accessories as well.

4. Accessorize

Think fun hats, textured scarves, bold jewelry, and great shoes. Take this opportunity to think outside the box.  A quick swap of accessories can make all the difference in adding a little extra variety into your final gallery. A scarf and hat can give jeans and a blouse, a completely new look. Even adding some fun earrings and a sleek watch can also completely change the vibe of your session! 

5. Props

I highly encourage bringing along personal accessories/props that are significant to you and your partner. This could be something like your favorite coffee mugs if you're big coffee drinkers, a book if you read together or even a journal and pen if you like to write each other hand-written letters.

6. Feel comfortable


This is the most important key. You want to be as comfortable as you can in the clothing you wear. If your dress is too tight and you don’t feel your best, it will show in your expression. If your shoes are killing you, same thing. Be comfortable and your confidence will be sure to shine through.

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